Unconditional defense of the Palestinian cause: Stop the aggression by the Israeli state in Gaza!

The solution is a single, secular, free, and socialist Palestine where all peoples can coexist in peace. Declaration by the International Current Socialism or Barbarism. 10/09/2023


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The people of Gaza have endured decades of suffering, including the blockade, massacres, and systematic killings at the hands of the israeli state. Any response can be seen as nothing but self-defense.

The sudden attacks by Hamas have sparked a wave of condemnations from imperialist governments and press. Those who cry out in indignation today remain silent in the face of daily massacres, bombings, systematic displacements, and Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians in occupied territory.

Now, the racist and far-right government of Netanyahu, responsible for dozens of massacres, forced displacements and more, has begun preparing for a full-scale invasion of Gaza. This represents a brutal intensification of their policy of ethnic cleansing, aimed at erasing the Palestinians from the face of the earth. At this moment, the israeli state has cut off the supply of electricity, gas, water, and food in the Gaza Strip, condemning over 2 million inhabitants to a literal genocide. On one side, there is an oppressed people, and on the other, their oppressor. The position of revolutionary socialists is to stand with the oppressed against the oppressors.

In 1948, the Israeli state was founded by force of arms, displacing the Palestinian people from their homes, killing thousands, and displacing hundreds of thousands. Zionist propaganda seeks to convince the world that no one lived there, that the Palestinians suddenly decided they wanted that place when the Zionists “reclaimed” it. The truth is that Israel was founded from the beginning as a racist state, and its policy was the genocide of the Palestinian people.

The Hamas attack originated from the Gaza Strip, a small territory to which Palestinians were relocated, enclosed by walls, and surrounded by military violence. Gaza is the largest open-air prison in the world.

Moreover, this year has seen an escalation in provocations in the West Bank, the other territory where Palestinians remain on their native land. Every week, there is news of new Israeli settlers entering, seeking to evict Palestinians from their homes, as they have done throughout the territory that self-proclaims as “Israel.”

Not too long ago, this year has witnessed several bombings in the Gaza Strip resulting in dozens or even hundreds of casualties without any prior Palestinian violence. In June, Israel launched an ethnic cleansing operation in the city of Jenin in the West Bank. This massacre was preceded by a pogrom in Turmus Ayya, where 200 Israeli settlers entered the Palestinian city to assault civilians, destroy houses, and set vehicles on fire.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is composed of nationalist and far-right groups that have gained significant prominence, particularly the powerful Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, a fervent religious fanatic in favor of apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people, fiercely anti-Muslim, and the leader of the far-right Otsma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party.

The actions of Hamas, the legitimate government of Gaza, are condemned, but nothing is said about the new and larger genocide against the people of Gaza that Netanyahu is preparing to perpetrate. Trapped in a mere 139 square miles, its 2 million inhabitants have nowhere to escape. We strongly condemn this ongoing massacre and call on people around the world and international democratic organizations to denounce this new genocide.

Even with the policies and methods of Islamic groups, which are not our own as revolutionary socialists and are distinct from popular uprisings like the First Intifada of 1987, the responsibility lies solely with the colonizers, never with the colonized. And the colonizer is the racist State of Israel.

We bet that the international working class, women, and youth, even within Israel, won’t be deceived by the propaganda of Netanyahu’s fascistic government and imperialism, and will understand the need to stand unconditionally on the side of the oppressed, the Palestinians.

Against all imperialist and Zionist propaganda, the solution is a single, secular, free, and socialist Palestine where all peoples, regardless of their religious beliefs or nationality, can live in peace.


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