Argentina: The SiTraRepA carried out the caravan for its recognition


The Union of Delivery Workers by Application also mobilized the Ministry of Labor for the basic labor rights of precarious workers and for justice for Danilo Merciari.

In a new day of protest by the delivery drivers by application, the SiTraRepA (Base Union of Delivery Workers by Application) carries out a caravan from the obelisk to the Ministry of Labor at Callao 114 in CABA to demand the recognition of the union.

After the mobilization, the distributors achieved an audience with Mónica Risotto, national director of union associations.

Belén D., Assistant Secretary of SiTraRepA, said about the protest: “The situation of the delivery men and women is serious. Inflation is growing day by day and we continue to charge 200 pesos per order on average. The distributors need a voice that represents us, more than a year ago we have presented the union registration and complied with all the legal steps. That is why we will go again to the Ministry of Labor to stop going around and specify the recognition of our union.

“The situation can’t take any more. In recent months we have seen several cases of fellow delivery men who died while working, such as the case of Danilo Merciari in the southern zone. This is the responsibility of the companies: we are the ones who put our lives at stake in defense of the little we have, because losing the motorcycle, bicycle or cell phone means not being able to work. We want justice for Danilo, and the end of job insecurity: that companies provide ART and take charge of our work tools.

Lastly, she concluded: «The distributors organized in SiTraRepA want to put an end to these injustices and we are fighting for decent work with all the rights that correspond to us. We urgently need rate increases in line with inflation, ART, health coverage and for companies to take over our work tools. We demand the recognition of our Union to have a tool that defends us against the abuses of the companies»


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