Middle East: Zionist provocation: Israel bombed South Lebanon


Israel bombarded southern Lebanon on Thursday after an escalation of evictions and repression against Palestinians and attacks on neighboring countries in the occupied areas.

Israel bombarded southern Lebanon on Thursday after intercepting a batch of rockets launched from this area towards its occupied territories. The number of dead or injured is unknown and the tension has been escalating given the provocations of the previous days in Jerusalem.

“A rocket was launched from Lebanon into Israeli territory and was successfully intercepted,” the Israeli army stated. Then the National Information Agency reported that Israeli artillery fired “several shells from their positions on the border” at two towns in southern Lebanon. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Netanyahu stated that he will assess the “security” situation.

Raise the tone of warmongering provocations
This scale immediately refers to the repressive events that occurred in Jerusalem during the last days of Ramadan (the month of Islamic celebrations). Since March 22, the Israeli police have violently and systematically evicted Palestinians from the esplanade of the Al Absa Mosque (Jerusalem). Only on Wednesday there were 350 detainees and 37 wounded.

It is important to note that the esplanade of the Mosques in Jerusalem is the third holy place of Islam, an eviction in this place and on these dates could only have the intention of provoking. After what happened, a series of rocket shots from Gaza followed one another, which were answered with bombardments by Zionism.

In addition, Hezbollah warned that it would support “all measures” taken by Palestinian organizations against Israel after the clashes. “Hezbollah strongly denounces the assault by the Israeli occupation forces on the esplanade of the Al Aqsa Mosque and their attacks on the faithful,” the Shiite organization reported.


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