Argentina: What is the Anticapitalist Camp?


The striking proposal of the left that generated debate in networks and even a reaction from Marcos Galperin

This was the call to the Anticapitalist Camp

A video from an organization left went viral on social media for a striking proposal. Through a recording starring a young militant, the group “Stop” invited to participate in the third edition of the “Anticapitalist Camp”, a three-day event that will take place during the carnival weekend. The call aroused criticism from thousands of users on Twitter and even caught the attention of the Argentine businessman Marcos Galperín.

“I will tell you the 5 reasons why you have to come to the Ya Basta Anticapitalist Camp” begins the video starring ailina student of the Audiovisual Arts career at the National University of the Arts (UNA) who for years has been active in the Las Rojas group and in the youth of the New Movement for Socialism (MAS), whose national reference is Manuela Castaneira.

Among the reasons for attending the event -which has been held since the summer of 2020- the young woman argued that capitalism “is no more” since it “increases inequality, destroys the environment and you kids steals their future.”

“There are three days with a pool, footballparty, talks on politics, Marxism and current affairs, workshops and a lot of other things. Let’s go, we train, we have a good time and we prepare for the fights that are coming”, closes the invitation to the camp that will be carried out the next February 18, 19 and 20 in a campsite of the Buenos Aires district of Luján.

The dissemination of the activity generated criticism and debate. The liberal wing, for example, took aim against promoted activities and the price of experience – which is around $15,000 per person-, considering them contradictory to the philosophy that they preach from the left.
The youth of Nuevo MAS organized the third edition of the event

in dialogue with infobae, Federico Winokur, leader of the Juventud Ya Basta del Nuevo MAS, explained that the camp is “self-financed”, since the set value “is what is necessary” to cover all the expenses demanded by the event. “Camp attendees are all-inclusive. The transportation to the place, the food and the stay for the three days, ”he said.

“In addition to social and sports activities such as a pool open all day, soccer tournaments, volleyball, paintball, there is a party night with live dja night of bonfire and bands, outdoor cinema, screen printing workshops, photojournalism and a lot of other things”, added Winokur, who was the youngest candidate to head a list for national deputies in the City of Buenos Aires during the last elections.

“We also organize activities to finance the trip of those who are interested in participating and need help,” he said.

According to the leader, the camp is attended by young people from all over the country, along with delegations from France, Brazil and Costa Rica. “The Camp goes viral because there are many young people who believe that capitalism is crap that steals their future”, he explained regarding the criticism received.

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Likewise, the video was echoed even in the networks of Marcos Galperin founder of Mercado Libre, who reacted with a laughing expression the reasons for attending the meeting. However, the businessman’s comment did not surprise the referents of the Nuevo MAS: “It is obvious that he would not like an anti-capitalist camp because he questions everything he doe sWinokur said.

Marcos Galperín reacted to the Anticapitalist Camp

“We anti-capitalists do not want to go back on all the technological developments that humanity generated and live in a cave. What we want is that all people can access them and not just a minority. Inequality is enormous and while some millionaires ride a rocket, you have precarious kids who ride bicycles like application slaves and it is not enough for them to make ends meet. Anti-capitalism is a real feeling of many people here and around the world. That is why it also bothers libertarians and the right in general so much,” the leader opined.

In response to leftist grouping, the influencers Delphine Wagner posted a video in which he explained “The 5 reasons not to attend any anti-capitalist camp”, which was also quickly viralized among users of social networks.

“Seeing this type of content makes me very concerned.. As young people we have an enormous responsibility in the political question looking towards the future, and the kids who continue with the hypocrisy of calling themselves ‘anti-capitalist’, while they benefit from the advantages of the system, the only thing they achieve is to make us less serious. That added to the natural anger that generates you to see people defending famous totalitarian regimes not only because of its economic failure but also because of its violations of human rights,” he said. Wagner in communication with this medium.
Delfina Wagner responded to the call to the Anticapitalist Camp

“Without the intention of it being a chicana, You have to bank listening to them talk about precariousness from Palermo and with the salary of the parents or the Statebecause we do not know any job in the private sector. Do they know what a sweatshop is? My mother, as a police officer, works 24-hour guards, my 67-year-old grandmother is a domestic employee, they taught me the value of work and never wanted any help from the State. From there I speak, ”she continued.

In this framework, the influencers He explained that, after the publication of his video, he received “a lot of support from the Latin American community in general, from people who had to leave their countries because of ‘anti-capitalist’ governments.”

“On the other side, very few want to debate with me, most are insults. If these are the young people in politics, I feel that it is my responsibility to start showing the other side of the coin, and not only in the networks, but also in the face of this electoral year”, Wagner closed.

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