International solidarity: massive protest rallies against the Zionist genocide

A massive condemnation of genocide is spreading all over the world and pressing for a ceasefire in Gaza


Last Saturday, 300.000 protesters overran the London streets demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and condemning the genocide perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel. It is the most recent and the largest of a series of rallies all over the UK, besides other locations in Europe. Several media outlets have pointed out that this has been one of the “biggest mobilizations in the history of the UK”.

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has demonized the protests branding them as “hate protests” and “pro-Hamas”. However, the slanders have not managed to get people out of the streets. Neither have the repression threats. The English government ordered repressive action in order to “prevent” the protest, but the Metropolitan Police itself refused to enforce the measure, declaring that “there had been no threats of violence” by the protesters.

That same Saturday, a thousand people marched in Paris, demanding that the Macron government pronounce itself for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Thousands of people also mobilized in the USA. In Manhattan, New York, thousands of demonstrators blocked the Grand Central station last Friday. On their way there, the rally passed through the New York Times building to condemn the connivance of the main media with the Zionist genocide. Media organizations and workers led by the “Writers’ Bloc” group entered the building of the emblematic newspaper, with flags that campaigned for a ceasefire.

A few hours before, on Thursday, over 1500 students had skipped class in order to demonstrate on the New York streets against the Zionist genocide.

In Belgium, about 20.000 marched across the center of Brussels with the same flags.

Blockades were carried out in several parts of the USA and the UK to military supply bases bound for Israel. “Stop the genocide” was the chant common to all actions. At the same time, protesters in both countries have stressed the responsibility of their governments, who support the Zionist State.


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