¡Gigworkers of theworld, unite!


We are workers, not collaborators! We want our unions and all labor rights!

Since platform work began to spread throughout the world, imposing new forms and rhythms of labor exploitation, the organization of its workers to conquer our labor rights was also born. It is evident that since the pandemic there is a sector of the business community that has been amassing fortunes on the basis of cutting workers’ historical rights: salary, vacations, social security, among many others. With the lie of the false self-employed, that the workers would be “our own bosses”, they condemn us to go back a century in terms of working conditions.

But all over the world platform workers stand up. In recent years, the expressions of struggle and the international coordination spaces with which we fight in unity against these companies that deny us our rights have been growing. We have organized international strikes with coordinated mobilizations in dozens of countries, solidarity actions and global campaigns for all the rights of workers through platforms, for the recognition of the employment relationship and our unions.

We are also united with the experiences of the struggle of the new ultra-precarious working class throughout the world. They are the workers of Amazon and Starbucks who are fighting to put their unions on their feet and against the anti-union practices of the companies, the workers of Foxconn in China, manufacturer of Iphones, who are rebelling against the conditions of semi-slavery to which they are subjected, and many others. All samples of a wave of grassroots unionism that is part of recovering our fighting tools as a class to face the enormous attacks on workers in this 21st century.

For all this we set up this International Congress, to be able to unite these experiences and thus strengthen and promote the organization of workers by platforms around the world. It will have different debate panels, assembly instances and fighting actions that should be the initial kick so that in each of our countries we redouble the fight to be recognized as workers and win our labor rights and our unions.


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